Rapid Website Development with jQuery and ColdFusion

Ease of Use
Smart Design is an important aspect of Web Site development. In addition to being visually appealing, your site must be easy to navigate and easy to use. The larger the site, the more challenging this can be. Simplicity is the key.

Your site will be custom designed by Excellent Web Page Design! It will be unique unlike sites that are created from templates. Isn't your company worth it?!

Form and Function
Having your web site designed and developed by a ColdFusion Programmer gives the added benefit of functionality and now with the addition of jQuery, there is practically no limit to the possibilities! Calendars of Events, Portfolios, Job Listings, and Product catalogs are just a few of the applications that you may choose to implement into your next website.

Take a moment to browse through my portfolio to see if my design style suits your taste.